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Below, archived articles from Summer 2009 and earlier:


Valley Springs plan to include Rancho Calaveras
Dana Nichols, Stockton Record August 31 2009

VS community planning revs up once again
Claudette Langley, Calaveras Enterprise August 26 2009

Boundaries population on tap for VS planning meeting
Calaveras Enterprise Online August 24 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about the Valley Springs Community Plan
CCOG flyer, The Valley Springs News, August 26 2009

Valley Springs border chat set
The Stockton Record, August 13 2009

Group speaks out on plan, college
Nick Baptista, The Valley Springs News, August 7 2009

Valley Springs planning process wraps up for now
Claudette Langley, Calaveras Enterprise June 9 2009

Reconciling rural charm, smart growth
Dana Nichols, Stockton Record March 2 2009

Planner reinventing tradition with an eye toward preservation
Dana Nichols, Stockton Record March 2 2009

County faces deadline on housing plan
Claudette Langley, Calaveras Enterprise February 3 2009


Staking a claim on her Valley Springs-Foothill Folks
Phillip Gomez, Calaveras Enterprise June 24 2008

Little consensus on where to draw Valley Springs boundaries
Dana Nichols, Stockton Record May 11 2008

ID'ing Valley Springs will be a group effort
Letter to Editor from, The Valley Springs News February 29 2008

Just who is a Valley Springs ‘citizen’ anyway?
Colin Rigley, Calaveras Enterprise Feb. 22 2008


A new vision for Calaveras: No more sprawl
Colin Rigley, Calaveras Enterprise, October 26 2007

Not par for the course: Calaveras County officials must resolve a difficult dispute
Editorial, Stockton Record October 26 2007

Valley Springs area growth outpaces its electricity website, compilation of quotes from Calaveras Enterprise, September 14 2007

Board limits support for community plan updates
Vanessa Turner, The Valley Springs News August 24, 2007

Questions aplenty at the outset
Colin Rigley, Calaveras Enterprise, April 27 2007

Residents: No growth until plan is done
Katy Brandenburg, Union Democrat April 25 2007

Valley Springs gets lessons in smart growth
Nick Baptista, The Valley Springs News, March 2 2007


Pressed county reveals draft plan
Sunny Lockwood, Union Democrat October 6 2006

Calaveras County at a Crossroads
Ward LaValley for Calaveras Planning Coalition, October 2006

Is CCWD infrastructure adequate (compilation of quotes), website July 2006-2009

Public Announcement—draft Valley Springs Community Goals, flyer in The Valley Springs News, May 2006

Work Plan – General Plan update process
Robert Sellman Staff Report, Calaveras Co. Planning Director, March 13 2006

Projects in the Rancho Calaveras/ La Contenta area
Calaveras Co. Planning Dept. January 2006

New Internet Web sites emerge
Calaveras Enterprise, January 6 2006

Valley Springs quarry plan withdrawn
The Record, January 2006 announces new community action group and website Press Release, January 2 2006


Quarry facing hurdles - Some in Valley Springs oppose plan to expand
Dana Nichols, Stockton Record December 30, 2005

Letter on Hogan drought years
L. Whitney, December 2005

‘Action Project’ sticking up for public
Buzz Eggleston, December 2005


Caltrans officials admonish county for lack of road planning
Patty Shires, Sierra Sentinal News, April 1990


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