You can influence your community when you speak about community planning issues with friends & neighbors -- send a Letter to the Editor of your newspaper, call or email your Supervisor, submit project comment letters, or attend public hearings.  Express your opinion!

The more decision-makers are aware the community is paying attention, the more their decisions will respond to and benefit the community as a whole ... and the less likely they are to approve exceptions and variances to the General Plan. Your letters and your presence at meetings make a difference.

See contact information below for county supervisors, planning officials, and local newspapers.  For guidelines on Effective Commenting on Environmental Documents, click here.

Contact Your Supervisor!

Click here to visit the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors page, where you can find out which District you live in, who your representative is, and how to phone, write, or email your current county supervisor.

Contact Planning Officials!

Planning Commission—5 Commissioners, each represent a Supervisor District.  Email them with comments on projects they will hear during their meetings (see our Meetings page for meetings and agendas. Click to email

Planning Department—County staff to contact with questions and comments about planning, zoning, land use, current projects and applications. Phone (209) 754-6394 or Click to email

Send a Letter to the Editor!

Local Newspapers and Media—we have a great choice of news media covering our area.  See our Research & Info page for a listing of newspapers and other media you may contact to send Letters or Opinions. Click for media info




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