Residential and Commercial Development Projects

This is a partial list of projects currently being built, pending, or under review in the Valley Springs area.  See Residential Project Maps page for more information.



Calaveras River Estates: 5 lots—approved June 2011
Zoning amendment and parcel map for 523 acres into four 40-acre parcels and a remainder, located adjacent to Rancho Calaveras at the end of Harding Rd. Proposed annexation of 40-acre parcels into CSA1 road district. #2006-007

Calaveras River Heights: 25 lots—pending: on hold by applicant
Proposed Zoning Amendment and Parcel Map for 61 of 122 acres, located at the end of McAtee in Rancho Calaveras. Access proposed from McAtee and McCauley Roads. #2005-104

Charboneau Estates: (subdivision): 52 units—(2006) Application withdrawn; new application submitted in 2019 for Mobile Home Park (see below)
Proposed Subdivision Map and Conditional Use Permit for "affordable housing project" on 8.5 acres, located past the ends of/ to be accessed from Cedar and Chestnut Streets in Valley Springs. #2006-109

Charboneau Estates Mobile Home Park: 58-units (2019) -- pending
2019 Application for Project 2019-004 CUP and VAR for Old Golden Oaks, LLC, to establish a 58-unit mobile home park on an undeveloped 8.5 acre parcel at the west ends of Cedar and Chestnut Streets. IS/MND environmental report released for comment December, 2020. Project scheduled for planning commission hearing February 25, 2021, but was pulled and continued "off-calendar". Status unknown. Project #2019-004

Del Verde Subdivision: 91 units—pending: land sold
Proposed Subdivision of 41 acres adjacent to La Contenta (south of Stagecoach Dr.); access proposed from Shadow Lane and Delin Way (through expired Valley Springs Estates project). Application denied by PC July 2011 due to lack of activity and change of ownership; BOS reversed denial in September after an Appeal. #2005-174

E. P. & G. Properties/ Spring Valley Estates II: 35 lots—pending: land sold
Proposed Subdivision of 192 acres into 5-acre lots. Located east of Valley Springs between Hwy. 12 and S. St. Petersburg Rd., access to be from N. Ranchero Rd. 2011 change in ownership; recommended Planning Department Denial was continued in October 2011. #2008-029

Gann/ White House: land use/ zoning amendment—pending: incomplete info
Proposed General Plan and Zoning Amendments for144 acres including the White House and hill to the west of Valley Springs; frontage on Hwy. 12. No development project is proposed with the application, although 188 homes have been draw on property maps and talked about in public. Application is for land use & zoning change from agricultural to single family residential. #2006-117

Gold Creek Estates development (construction started 2005)

Gold Creek Estates: Units 1, 2, and 3: 385 units—approved, under construction
Approved Subdivision. Located one mile south of the 12/26 intersection in Valley Springs, entrance is on Hwy. 26; adjacent to La Contenta. Phases 1 and 2 complete. Phase 3 pending US Army Corp of Engineers wetlands fill permit received 2019; construction underway. Lot sizes approx. 4850-9000 sf. #1986-01

Gold Creek and Hogan Oaks map from Gold Creek Homes website

Hogan Oaks 1: 50 units—pending / on hold by applicant (road issues)
Proposed Subdivision of 34 acres in back of Gold Creek Estates; access to be through Gold Creek Estates and Hogan Dam Road. Improvements to Hogan Dam Road and replacement of Spring Valley Creek Bridge needed for project. #2002-142

Hogan Oaks 2: 143 units—pending / incomplete application
Proposed Zoning Amendment and Subdivision Map for 49 acres in back of La Contenta-Gold Creek with 49 single family and 94 multi-family residential lots and access through Gold Creek and Hogan Dam Road. Application #2003-136 changed and revised, now (incomplete) application #2011-035

Hogan Oaks 3: 102 units--application incomplete, withdrawn (project still on map)
Proposed Subdivision of 32 acres north of CCWD W/W treatment plant; access from Campbell Court and Hogan Dam Road. #2004-167

Lakeview Equestrian Estates/ Boggs: 27 lots—applic. denied Feb. 2011. Property has since been sold and is now designated Agricultural Preserve.
Denied Subdivision of 1,380 acres located east of Rancho Calaveras on Palomino, access proposed from Appaloosa Ridge Road, Palomino Ridge Road and Hogan Dam Road. #2005-59

Las Tres Marias: 15 lots—approved June 2011; expired 2019
Approved Subdivision of 104 acres adjacent to Hwy. 12 west of Burson. Map is expired. GPA, ZA. #2004-138

Mission Ranch Subdivision project site

Mission Ranch: 219 units--pending: on hold by applicant (136 single family units, 84 multi-family, 2 commercial parcels); waiting for Draft Environmental Impact Report.
Located across the highway from Gold Creek, property runs from Hwy. 26 to Hwy. 12.

Application #2006-178, GPA, ZA, and TSTM. Proposed General Plan Amendment, Zone Change and Subdivision of 103+ acres into 144 parcels, consisting of 135 single-family residential lots ranging in size from 7,000 square feet to 20,000+ square feet, one 7.3 acre multi-family residential lot of approx. 84 units, 6 open space/recreation lots totaling 6.4 acres, and 2 commercial parcels totaling approximately 17.1 acres.

The project site is situated along both Highway 12 and Highway 26, approximately ¾ mile from the Highway 12/26 intersection in Valley Springs. Proposed land use amendment and rezoning from commercial and agriculture to commercial, single-family and multi-family residential, and recreation/ open space. Entry to the site would be from both Highway 12 and Highway 26. As currently designed, the proposed project could provide a new connector road west of town between the two highways. #2006-178

Click here for Mission Ranch Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report with project description and potential environmental impacts

New Hogan Lake Estates: 83 units--approved for construction
Approved Subdivision of 40 acres located on the NW corner of Vista del Lago and Hogan Dam Road; access to be from Vista del Lago, but two units built with access from Lakeview Circle #2003-05

Land and oaks approved for North Vista Plaza high-density & single family subdivision

North Vista Plaza: 156 units--approved for construction January 2008
Approved Subdivision; 34 acres rezoned from R3 to R1, located at the end of Vista del Lago West (which will connect for access to Berkesey in Rancho Calaveras), and surrounded on 3 sides by Quail Oaks and Rancho Calaveras.

Tentative Subdivision Map expired January 2017; 3-Year Extension of Time approved April 2017; 3-Year Extension of Time for 6 lots only approved December 2019. Complete Final Subdivision Map for North Vista Plaza approved by the Board of Supervisors March 14, 2023. LGI Homes plans to begin construction April 2024, with home construction starting April 2025.

48 of 156 single-family homes will be on high-density lots; lots are sized from 2,090 sf to 21,220 sf. 5 homes will be affordable workforce housing units in the $200,000 range. #2005-190

Note: and others contributed constructive comments while the project was under review, and worked with Calaveras County Planning and the developer to make the proposed NVP project better. As a result, 5 workforce housing units were added, drainage plans were redesigned to prevent increased water runoff to Cosgrove and Indian Creeks, and the number of detention basin areas doubled. The total amount of open space on the project nearly doubled, and a small park will now be created. The small oak woodland will be preserved, and the number of Heritage Oaks to be saved was increased from 2 to 13 (out of 33).

Old Golden Oaks:  96 residential units plus 2 commercial parcels—pending: incomplete application
Proposed Subdivision, General Plan, and Zoning Amendment for 27 acres located south of/ adjacent to the Valley Springs Fitness Center. No legal access. #2006-187

Olive Orchard Estates: 47 units—approved in 2004
Approved Subdivision of 47 approx. 5-acre lots, located and accessed on Olive Orchard Road. #2003-157. In 2004 project approval was conditioned on off-site improvements to Olive Orchard Road and a left turn lane at the Hwy. 26 intersection. In 2007, in order to allow recordation of a final subdivision map, the developer posted a bond to guarantee the road improvements. Specified road improvements were not done. In 2012, the developer applied for a Modification to Existing Permit (MEP 2012-038) requesting removal of the required road and intersection improvements. As of August, 2015, 14 houses have been constructed.

On August 13, 2015, the Planning Commission approved the removal of the requirement for road improvements on a 3-2 vote. On August 27, local residents filed an Appeal of that decision to the Board of Supervisors. Click here for Olive Orchard Road MEP Appeal and Supplement. On September 22, with one supervisor absent, the Board of Supervisors voted 2-2-1 in favor of the Appeal. But because a majority vote is needed to pass a motion, the motion failed, and no action was taken. According to County Counsel, if the Board of Supervisors takes no action on an Appeal, the Planning Commission decision stands. The Appeal of the Planning Commission's decision was denied because no action was taken by the Board of Supervisors. Appeal hearing testimony and discussion may be watched on the Board of Supervisor September 22 Part 1 meeting video (Olive Orchard appeal hearing starts at 1 hr. 48 min. in; Board discussion and vote at 3 hrs. 9 min.).

Olive Orchard Road

George Rose: 6 lots—approved June 2011
Approved Subdivision of 239 acres, into 6 lots (20 a. to 138 a.), on S. Gulch Rd. off Milton Rd. SW of Valley Springs. #2007-014

Spring Ranch Estates: 38 units—application denied July 2010
Denied Subdivision of 38 acres in Rancho Calaveras, adjacent to/ north of the Rancho clubhouse.  Access was proposed from Hwy. 26, across from White Road. #2006-162

The Ridge at Trinitas: 13 lots, golf course resort, clubhouse, lodge—application denied by Board of Supervisors May 2009, appeal denied October 2009; multiple lawsuits filed by Applicant; Final Settlement dismissing with prejudice all claims August 2014
Denied Subdivision of 280 acres located on/ accessed from Ospital Road. 18-hole golf course was built before application submitted. #2004-114

Trinitas golf course, May 24, 2009
Click to view historical timeline of Trinitas aerial images, 1993-2012

Click to read poem "Old Water", about Trinitas water well usage

Valley Springs Estates: 71 units—TSTM map approved, recently expired
Expired Subdivision Map for 31 acres adjacent to La Contenta and Rancho, near Stage Coach and Huckleberry, access proposed from Delin Way. Project is adjacent to/ road on map connects to Del Verde proposed subdivision. Tentative map approved in 1993 but not recorded; map is expired. #1989-474

Vista Plaza II: Oak trees removed April 2006; mass grading May 2006; building pads October 2006.
No homes constructed as of fall 2009.

Vista Plaza II "Woodgate": 38 units—Subdivision approved 1999
Approved Subdivision of 23 acres adjacent to Hwy. 26 and the northwestern edge of Rancho Calaveras, accessed from Vista del Lago west. Site began construction Spring 2006 (oaks removed, site graded); roads and utilities completed fall-winter 2006; two houses built 2011-2012. Property changed ownership; Home construction complete 2018. #1998-007



Quarry truck on Silver Rapids Road; Road sign by Hogan Quarry

Asphalt "Hot Plant" at Hogan Quarry: Administrative approval April 2015—pending (Appealed by CCWD and Application for Authority to Construct "incomplete", needs environmental review—pending (Appealed by Ford Construction). Update: Ford Construction Appeal denied; Environmental Impact Report is required. Subsequently, the Asphalt Plant was removed from Hogan Quarry and moved to Carson Hill Rock Products near Angels Camp in July 2016.


Photo of 'No Hogan Asphalt Plant' sign at Hogan Quarry - local resident

Coe Shooting Center: grading permit—denied August 2011
Described as R&D facility and shooting range; may be part of a larger project. Existing land use designation FSFR zoned M-2 industrial. Grading permit application for shooting range submitted to Public Works; no project or CUP application submitted. Planning determination: shooting range is not a permitted or conditional use in M-2 zoning. Applicant appealed. Planning Commission upheld appeal June 16, 2011. PC decision was appealed to Board of Supervisors. ; 6 appeals of Planning Commission decision were upheld August 23, 2011. #2011-014

Click here for BOS Coe Agenda Submittal granting Appeals

Confluence Energy Bio-Manufacturing Plant: Incomplete ATC application; pending environmental review
Proposed wood fiber bio-manufacturing plant on approx. 15-20 acres of the Coe industrial property on Paloma Road north of Valley Springs, at the site of the abandoned Calaveritas Redwood plant. Public meeting held March 2017. In May, Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District gave the applicant a list of data and analysis needed for environmental review on the Authority to Construct (ATC) permit application. As of July 27, 2017, no response by applicant.

Courtyard at La Contenta Shopping Center: Zoning Amendment, Tentative Subdivision Tract Map (TSTM), Planned Development (PD)--#2006-175: Update: property sold; shopping center project replaced by Mark Twain Medical Clinic (see below).

2016 rendering of planned Valley Springs Medical Center

Mark Twain Healthcare - Valley Springs Family Medical Clinic: approved June 2016, completed October 2019
Approved Planned Development of 15 acres on southwest corner of Hwy. 26 and Vista del LagoWest. Phase 1 is an outpatient family medical clinic; Phase 2 will be future development of retail, restaurants, and/or a hotel or Assisted Living facility. Access to be from Hwy. 26 and Vista del Lago West. #2015-048

Mission Ranch: 2 commercial parcels—pending: on hold by applicant
Proposal for 17 acres/ two commercial parcels are part of the Mission Ranch residential development application.  Hwy. 26 frontage; access to be from new parkway. #2006-178

Valley Springs Mini-Storage: Zoning Amendment--approved in 2006
Approved development on 25 acres located near Hwy. 26/Quail Oaks/ Covey Lane, adjacent to driving range; access planned through Quail Oaks Road and Covey Lane. Map has expired; property has changed hands; future development unknown. #2005-01

Valley Springs Shopping Center site

Valley Springs Shopping Center: Planned Development Permit—approved in 2008
Approved development for a 13+ acre site located at the southeast corner of the Hwy. 26/ Hogan Dam Road intersection, adjacent to Cosgrove Creek. Access planned from Hwy. 26; highway realignment required; Caltrans to review and permit. Property remains undeveloped; "For Sale" signs were posted. #2006-31

Vosti Properties/ Calaveras Business Park: 24 lots commercial/industrial—Tentative Map approved in 2004; map has not been recorded and may be expired.
37 acres located west of the Chevron station, between Hwy. 12 and 26. Access planned from both Hwy. 26 and 12, with connector road. #2002-124

Vosti Properties/ AutoZone/Dollar General: 2 lots commercial—Tentative Map approved in 2014; construction completed January 2018
Approved 2014 Tentative Map to split the 37 acre Vosti Properties Business Park into two commercial lots on 1.35 acres, leaving a remainder parcel. Subsequently, the two commercial lots were sold. Access is from Hwy. 26. #2013-004

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