County's long-awaited General Plan update close to fruition, March 2018

Petition for Writ of Mandate, CCLDF v. Calaveras County, February, 2018

Calaveras Medical Cannabis Program FAQ, Revised February, 2018

Planning Commission Policies & Procedures, Revised September, 2017

Calaveras Board of Supervisors Rules of Procedure, Revised June, 2015

Building Better Budgets - A National Examination of the Fiscal Benefits of Smart Growth Development, Smart Growth America, May 2013

Board Hearing Procedures, Resolution 2013-074, Revised May 2013

Planning Commissione Hearing Procedures, Revised October 2012

Agenda 21: Myths & Facts

Calaveras Planning Coalition Land Use Principles

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Smart Growth Policies, Sonoran Institute, July 2008

General Plan Update Project Schedule, January 2010

General Plan Update Work Plan Overview, April 2009 Graphic

General Plan Update – First Community Workshop Presentation, San Andreas, May 2007

General Plan Update – Ph. 1 Community Workshop Fall 2007 Results

General Plan Update – Issues & Opportunities Report, June 2008

Notice of Preparation-DEIR for Mission Ranch, July 2008

Planning Commission Policy & Proceedures, December 2008

Planning Department Organizational Chart, April 2009

Rancho Calaveras Special Plan 1999

Smart Growth Can Be A Taxpayers Friend

Valley Springs Community Planning Baseline Report, Colleen Hiner, M.S., June 2008

Valley Springs Community Design Workshop Summary, LGC, December 2007

Valley Springs Community Area General Plan 1974 to 1994

Valley Springs Area Planned Residential Developments Map, October 2009

(VS) Subdivisions & Parcel Splits in the Valley Springs Area (map), August 2009

Valley Springs Community Plan – Frequently Asked Questions, August 2009


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