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December 2020-January, 2021—Public Review of Zoning Map Update-Changes to Bring Zoning into Compliance with General Plan Map; Public Hearing at Planning Commission in January, followed by Board of Supervisors Hearing

Click Here for Zoning Map Planning Department Press Release.

December 8, 2020—The Calaveras County Planning Department has released the proposed zoning map update to bring the county wide zoning into compliance with the General Plan…map changes are to rezone parcels zoned with the interim zones…affects approximately 5,000 parcels in the county. In addition, another 1,100 parcels are proposed for rezoning to make them consistent with the land use designations. Comments should be received by the Planning Department no later than January 8, 2021. The zoning map amendment is expected to be reviewed by the Planning Commission in January (likely Jan. 28, 2021), followed by a hearing at the Board of Supervisors. See County Meetings Calendar for schedule and agendas. Visit Planning Department page to view Zoning Update Map and Zoning Map Help.

June 25, 2020—Public Hearing at Planning Commission for Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan

Calaveras County is proposing to adopt the Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan, a plan to address pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle safety improvements along state routes 12 and 26 and throughout the town center centering on Valley Springs Elementary School. The Public Draft plan is posted on the Calaveras Council of Governments (CCOG) website at https://calacog.org/valley-springs-town-center-connectivity-plan

The Calaveras County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on June 25, 2020 at 9 a.m. or soon thereafter to consider the proposed plan. For plan information and background, visit the CCOG Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan project web page.

March 11, 2019—Second Public Meeting for Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan

The second Valley Springs Connectivity Plan meeting will be held Monday, March 11, from 6-8 p.m., at the Valley Springs Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room. The focus of "Workshop #2 – Concept Design Alternatives" will be to provide a summary of the survey responses held after the first public meeting, to present plans that show where improvements are needed within the project area, and to gain feedback on proposed alternative treatments to various streets throughout the project area. For more information on the project, upcoming events or to access draft materials, please visit the project website at https://valleyspringstowncenter.com.

December 3, 2018 – Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan Public Meeting

The Valley Springs Town Center Connectivity Plan will provide an implementation framework for transportation projects that improve safety and access for students, residents, shoppers, and visitors. The CCOG project will work with the Valley Springs community, Calaveras County, and Caltrans to identify infrastructure projects that enhance bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular connectivity in the Town Center. This first public meeting provides an overview of the project, the intended outcomes, public engagement opportunities and a summary of the information collected to date.

PROVIDE YOUR INPUT TO IMPROVE VEHICULAR, PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE SAFETY IN VALLEY SPRINGS. For more information, see the Valley Springs Connectivity Press Release, the Public Meeting flyer, and visit the website: www.valleyspringstowncenter.com

October 4, 2016 Special Meeting—Calaveras County Board of Supervisors approves Planning Commission-revised Draft General Plan & Land Use Map to be used as the "Project Description" for preparation of an Environmental Impact Report Check the General Plan Update page for current General Plan status and meetings.

July 9, 2015 through September 22, 2016—Planning Commission Review, Editing, and Direction for the Draft General Plan
For fifteen months, the Calaveras County Planning Commission held public hearings, and reviewed & edited the 2014 Draft General Plan Vision, format, elements, goals and policies, and Land Use Map. In September, 2016, the Planning Commission forwarded its General Plan Update recommendations to the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors.

Check the Planning Commission page for current General Plan Update and regular commission hearing dates and topics.

June 30, 2015—Joint Board of Supervisors/ Planning Commission Study Session on Draft General Plan
Planning Department Press Release: "The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission will hold a study session on the Draft General Plan on Tuesday, June 30th at 6:00 p.m. at the San Andreas Town Hall. The study session will focus on issues raised in the public comments on the draft General Plan that was released in December, 2014. Following the study session, hearings will begin with the Planning Commission working through the goals and policies of the different elements of the draft plan. A schedule of hearing dates and topics will be available soon. Check the Planning Department website at http://planning.calaverasgov.us for upcoming dates and times.

The Planning Commission is expected to take several months to work its way through the elements of the General Plan. Following that the Commission will forward a recommendation to the Board. After review by the Board, the County will begin to prepare the Environmental Impact Report for the plan."

January 28-February 25, 2015—General Plan Community Workshops
A series of community workshops has been scheduled by Calaveras County to provide information on the newly-released 2014 draft General Plan. Staff and consultants will be available to answer questions on the draft general plan, review the draft land-use map and assist citizens in identifying land use designations for their property. Open houses will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. in San Andreas, Rancho Calaveras, Moke Hill, West Point, Arnold, Copperopolis, Valley Springs, and Murphys. Click here for meeting schedule.

January 21, 2015—Community Action Project/ Calaveras Planning Coalition (CAP/ CPC) Public Meeting "Let's Talk About...the General Plan Update"
A public information program featuring speakers and focusing on the purpose of the general plan; its Elements; what happened to community plans; how to read and review the draft plan; and next steps. Click here for meeting flyer. If you missed the meeting, watch the video on our 'On the Record' page.


January-May 2015—"River Reflections: Mokelumne River Arts Project" Exhibits & Receptions.
Project exhibits showcasing the works of 50 artists, inspired by the Mokelumne River, to bring understanding and appreciation of the source of water for 1.4 million people. Click here for info on month-long exhibits & receptions from January-May, 2015, in Sutter Creek, Oakland, Mokelumne Hill, and Pardee Reservoir.

September 15, 2014—Community Action Project/ Calaveras Planning Coalition (CAP/ CPC) Public Meeting "Let's Talk About...Water & the Drought"
A public information program featuring speakers and focusing on local water resources, water rights, and water conservation. Click here for meeting flyer.

July 29, 2014—Special Meeting on Mokelumne River Designation.

Calaveras County Board of Supervisors reaffirms support for state Wild & Scenic designation for the Mokelumne River.

May 12, 2014—Community Action Project/ Calaveras Planning Coalition (CAP/CPC) Public Meeting "Let's Talk About...Why Community Plans Matter"
A public information program featuring speakers and focusing on the inclusion of Community Plans in the County General Plan Update. Click here for meeting flyer.

February 3, 2014—Community Action Project/ Calaveras Planning Coalition (CAP/CPC) Public Meeting "Let's Talk About...Why Planning Matters"
A public information and education meeting was held for Calaveras residents to learn about CAP/CPC and local land use and resource planning. Click here for CAP website.

January 28, 2014—Joint Study Session, Status Report on General Plan Revisions
The Interim Planning Director's presentation included a short history and analysis of Calaveras County's General Plan Revision process since 2006; where we are today and why; and current challenges with personnel, Circulation Element, and Community Plans. Click here to watch the meeting video.

March 19, 2013—Joint Study Session held on General Plan Land Use Map Draft #2
Introduction of Draft #2 General Plan Land Use Map, its land use categories, comments received on Draft #1, and data associated with the new map. The Board directed staff to move forward with Land Use Map Draft #2. Visit the County's General Plan Update page to read Land Use Designations & view Land Use Maps. Click here to watch the meeting video.

New General Plan Map Viewer
General Plan Land Use Maps (both existing and proposed) can now be viewed on Calaveras County GIS website. Map views can be customized and zoomed in to show parcel-specific land use designations using Tools, Assessor, and Planning Data. Maps can also display aerial images, topography, and Supervisorial Districts.

Dec. 13, 2011 and February 14, 2012—Study Sessions held on General Plan Update
To watch meeting videos, visit the CAP website or our On the Record page. For new maps, staff reports, and Powerpoint presentations, visit the County's General Plan Update page.

November 22, 2011—Study Session held on General Plan Update Preferred Land Use Map
Population projections, unimproved lots, transition areas, land use designations, community plans, and the draft land use map were discussed. If you missed the meeting, watch the video on our 'On the Record' page.

Supervisor Redistricting Maps
New Supervisor Districts 8-11-11!
Click here for County map updates

Note: maps below are Proposed. To determine which District you reside in, check with the County Technology Services, GIS Division at 209-754-6608.

June, 2011—Draft General Plan to be released
The target date for release of the draft General Plan is June.  A map appeal process is being developed where individual property owners or authorized representatives will be able to submit a request for consideration to change a proposed land use designation. That process will be released when the draft general plan is released.

November 9, 2010—Study Session held on General Plan Update status  
Progress report, timeline and budget, public comment and discussion.  Meeting video posted on the CAP website.


Valley Springs Community Plan Update status

See Current Community Plan Status on our Community Planning page


New FEMA flood hazard maps posted online!
New maps (effective December 17, 2010), public meetings, and floodplain information are posted on the County Planning Dept. — ‘Flood Zone Update’ webpage.


Topics of countywide importance are scheduled for discussion soon.  Keep
your eyes open for newspaper articles, Public Notices/ County Legals, and Board of Supervisor/ Planning Commission meeting agenda items for topics anticipated in the next few months:

  • Dark Skies draft Lighting Ordinance: Public hearings were held in November and December 2009.  Discussion will be continued in a future Planning Commission Study Session (to be announced). Public Comments may be sent to the Calaveras County Planning Department, 891 Mountain Ranch Rd., San Andreas 95249 or emailed to: planningdepartment@co.calaveras.ca.us  Attn: Planning Director George White
  • Solid Waste Study Session: to be announced
  • Noise Ordinance: Board study session was held April 6, 2010; sheriff info and stats presented and discussed. Second study session was held August 10 on decibel-based draft Noise Ordinance. Direction was given to further refine and bring back to the Board for discussion and possible adoption. The Board of Supervisors adopted Noise Ordinance 3013 on September 5, 2012, and amended Title 9, Public Peace, Morals and Welfare to add Chapter 9.02 Noise Control.
  • Oak Trees ordinance discussion: to be announced
  • Legal Access recommendations: to be announced
  • General Plan Update - Goals and Policies Public Workshops: to be announced

Above: A crowd looks on in a joint meeting of the Calaveras
County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission.
Photo by Vanessa Turner


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