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Opportunities for improvement are possible by changing local rules and regulations

The Calaveras County General Plan, along with county ordinances, codes, fees, and community plans, can influence the planning, growth, and development process in a positive way. 

The General Plan is currently undergoing an update.  Inconsistencies and conflicts are being removed. Alternatives for growth will be presented and discussed.  Citizens are providing input and direction.  As a result, three new general plan elements will be added: Water Element, Economic Element, and Agriculture & Forestry Element.  New policies and implementation measures will be considered, and some community plans are being updated.

County ordinances, codes, and fees are other opportunities to give better guidance, protect our values and environment, and plan for the future.  Some ordinances and policies that have been proposed for consideration:

  • Oak Trees: protect our unique and historic trees and woodlands
  • Dark Skies: protect our dark night skies from light pollution and glare
  • Noise: protect rural serenity—our ‘peace & quiet’—from excessive noise intrusion
  • Public Safety: tie staffing for patrol deputies to population growth and service calls
  • Park & Rec: establish a county park & recreation department



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