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Following are MVS Letters to the Editor published in The Valley Springs News:

MVS.com backs good projects

Letters to the Editor The Valley Springs News, January 7, 2009
MVS.com backs good projects


In a December 24 letter to the editor in the Valley Springs News, Bill Magladry asks for “one example of a significant project that will bring numerous jobs to this area” that is supported by MyValleySprings.com. Here are four: Mission Ranch (between Highway 12 and 26), The Terrace (on Vista del Lago), The Courtyard at La Contenta (Highway 26 and Vista del Lago), and the Calaveras Business Park (across Hwy. 26 from the Chevron station).

Mr. Magladry characterizes MyValleySprings.com as “economy-stifling.” He clearly fails to appreciate our mission, which is to promote responsible growth and development through public participation in community planning in order to preserve the quality of rural life in the greater Valley Springs area. Responsible growth and development? Public participation? Preserve the quality of rural life? There is nothing in our mission statement that has any inherent or even relative stifling affect on the economy.

MyValleySprings.com has worked hard to engage the entire community in an update of our community plan, in part, because it has been repeatedly demonstrated that well-planned communities with 1) adequate transportation routes; 2) bike and pedestrian friendly circulation; 3) clearly defined areas for growth and development; 4) respect for wetlands, floodplains, habitat, and open space; 5) design standards; and 6) a long-range vision are better able to attract economic investment. A community that understands and specifically defines what it is and what it wants to be is much more likely to realize its vision and thrive.

Muriel Zeller, MyValleySprings.com


MVS.com wants growth done right

Letters to the Editor The Valley Springs News, July 18, 2008
MVS.com wants growth done right


MyValleySprings.com is puzzled by Mr. Davidson’s letter of July 8th published in the Enterprise. He asks us to name any project we’ve supported.

Two of our members met with Mr. Davidson and his partner over a year ago to discuss his proposed development in Valley Springs called Mission Ranch. We were favorably impressed with the possibilities shown to us in preliminary drawings, which included a connector road between Hwy. 12 and 26 west of town (where it just burned).

If Mr. Davidson had been participating in local community planning workshops and committees, he would know that his Mission Ranch project has been discussed and drawn on planning maps. Far from being opposed, MyValleySprings.com and other community members have been receptive and supportive of the concept. We are waiting for the EIR to be completed to learn more (we understand a consultant will shortly begin work on the EIR).

Many residential and commercial projects quietly move through the planning process & are approved for construction. ‘The Terrace’ (on Vista del Lago), the ‘Courtyard at La Contenta” (across the highway), and the ‘Calaveras Business Park’ (across Hwy. 26 from the Chevron station) are three such projects that look to provide retail and jobs. If Mr. Davidson wants to know what we support, he might conclude MVS.com is “for” projects when we don’t publicly raise questions about them.

The “MyValleySprings.com types” (as characterized by Mr. Davidson) know this is not “an imaginary utopia”, but we do want to preserve the things that are great & special about our area. As most folks agree, development projects should address and mitigate negative impacts to the community, and should follow the rules like everyone else must. MyValleySprings.com studies projects and informs the public. We speak out when we see unaddressed negative impacts or poor planning. As an area resident said, “I don’t mind development, I just want it done right.”

Joyce Techel and the Board of Directors MyValleySprings.com


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